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About Us

FLX Entertainment is a platform agnostic media and entertainment corporation that invites audiences to discover the answer to the question:

What are you made of?

An NYC-Based Media Production Company



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Documentary, Reality, Fiction, Digital Labs

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Data driven, compelling and intensely personal stories that feature people as they explore life experiences outside their own as they embark upon structured social, psychological and physical journeys created by our teams at FLX Manufacturing.

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High-intensity, hyper-stylized, reality entertainment for both live and on-demand distribution that leverages leading edge production and post-production technologies.

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Exploring the extraordinary, FLX Fiction pushes the boundaries of the possible, navigating alternate worlds and their wildly unusual characters.

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Digital Labs

FLX Entertainment’s research and development division handles the development of the company’s proprietary production methodologies, from live events to filmed entertainment and product design.

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“Michael Eric Hurtig is a New York based film director and producer. He launched FLX Entertainment in 2017 to create media that educates and challenges audiences’ imaginations wherever they are found – the living room couch, on their mobile platforms, or out-of-home. Michael has a varied background in film and new media, having developed and produced short and long form projects for television, streaming and VR. He is the director and producer of the upcoming documentary Fast-Forward; an immersive story-telling experience about aging in America. Beyond FLX Entertainment, Michael was part of the producing team that brought the feature film SACRED to PBS in 2018; a global documentary on the daily use of faith and spiritual practice in over 40 countries. His work has appeared in documentaries and news programming on Public Television (Pioneers of Thirteen, PBS Newshour, Metrofocus). He is a Slifka Fellow at the Bernard L. Schwartz Center for Media, Public Policy and Education at Fordham University, and is the Managing Director of The Coterie, a music theater company based in New York City.”

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“Kelly Wydryk grew up in the middle of nowhere (aka Canada) where she occupied her time by catching tadpoles and creating imaginary friends. In time she discovered she could concentrate her creativity on story-telling. Kelly received her bachelor’s degree in Media, Information, and Technoculture from Western University and in 2017 she graduated from Columbia University with an MFA in screenwriting. Kelly has produced several short films which have played in festivals across the US. She has worked as a development assistant for an Academy Award nominated producer, and most recently she was an Associate Producer on the upcoming documentary Fast-Forward; an immersive story-telling experience about aging in America.”